26 November 2018

Raven Winter Edition

The following are congratulated on their wonderful contribution to the Winter edition of The Raven. Please go to the Scotch homepage and find The Raven icon and enjoy a read and/or view.

Tom Lavery (Year 12 Leaver, St Andrews),

Vaughan Chin (Year 12 Leaver, Ferguson),

James Richards-Adlam (Year 10, St Andrews),

Leigh Ryan (Year 12 Leaver, Keys),

André Stanley (Year 12 Leaver, St Andrews),

Benjamin Corser (Year 12 Leaver, Ross),

Carson Dueck (Year 10, Stuart),

Connor Porter-Wilkinson (Year 12 Leaver, Brisbane),

Michael Warnock (Year 10, Ferguson),

Campbell Williamson (Year 12, Brisbane),

Connor Meerwald (Year 12, Stuart),

Daniel Trainer (Year 12 Leaver, Ferguson),

Eleanor Lammers-Lewis (PLC),

Folau Penaia (Year 12, Keys),

Henry Edwards (Year 12 Leaver, Ross),

David Honey (Year 12 Leaver, Ross),

Ethan Lundie-Jenkins (Year 10, Brisbane),

Hamish de la Hunty (Year 12 Leaver, Shearer),

Jy Kimpton-Plunkett (Year 10, Shearer),

Jack Fairweather (Year 12, Cameron),

Luke Hutcherson (Year 11, Alexander),

Poom Areecharoenlert (Year 12 Leaver, Keys),

Sasha Welch (PLC),

Matthew Burns (Year 12 Leaver, Anderson),

James Barr (Year 10, Alexander) and

Max Locke (Year 10, Ferguson).

Primary, Middle and Senior School students, if you have some good creative writing (with a maximum word limit of around 1,000 words), send it to jjweeda@scotch.wa.edu.au. It will be edited and then there is a good chance that it will be uploaded to The Raven.

Dr Jeannette Weeda

English Teacher