18 June 2018

Head of Junior School

True Risk Takers

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

On Remembrance Day the boys of the Junior School joined boys from the other two sub schools on the top oval for our whole School service. The boys listened as the names the 76 young Scotch men who died in World War I were read out. These were 76 of the 420 risk takers from our College who were prepared to put their life on the line for King and Country. The boys stood and listened as the piper played and solemnly honoured the fallen in the one-minute of silence. The debt we owe these men and the many more who died to bring freedom to Europe is immeasurable, lest we forget.

In our third year of our leadership programme for our Junior School, 46 boys from Year 4 nominated to be leaders in our School. Each boy prepared a well-constructed speech. They confidently told the boys and parents why they felt they had the qualities needed to be an effective leader. We heard about the compassion they have for the other boys and about their enthusiasm for the role. They spoke passionately about their love of Scotch and their desire to proudly represent the School and their house. They articulated the pride they have in being considered for a leadership role and their desire to work with their fellow students to make their School even better.

I was very impressed with the boys and the confidence they demonstrated while taking the risk of nominating for a position they may not get. Their efforts are the beginning of a journey where I hope they will see the value of serving others because it is the right thing to do. On a day where we heard of the risks boys of our School have taken in the past because they felt it was right thing to do, we saw some of our youngest boys demonstrate a willingness to serve.

On the evening of Wednesday November 11, six boys from the Junior and Middle Schools represented the College in the Inter-School Spelling Bee at Perth College.

Year 4

Alasdair Orr

Arnaud McVicker

Year 5

Henry Vaughan

Emanuel Radici

Year 6

Milan Narula

Gregory McVicker

It was a tough but exciting competition, and all of our boys demonstrated their superior spelling skills, with several finishing in the top five. The standard of spelling was amazing, with the boys being asked to spell words that would challenge most adults. Emanuel Radici was flawless in the Year 5 competition, winning overall after coming second in the Year 4 competition in 2014. Well done to all the boys for representing their College so brilliantly.

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School