26 November 2018

Art News

Celebrating boys and culture.

The Year 2 boys are currently engaged in an inquiry for How We Express Ourselves. The central idea is "Celebrations may strengthen cultural and national identity." During art classes, the boys have built on their previous knowledge of building kites, to create their own carp windsock (koinoboru), used to celebrate Boys' Day or 'Children's Festival' during the month of May in Japan.

The boys are exploring the effects using fabric dye on fabric, with gutter lines drawn to act as a force field; stopping the spread of the dye and keeping the colour inside the scales. It has been fun watching the boys play with ideas and the media, and discovering different effects handling this new medium. Soi Kato's mother has been helping in Art and it is fortuitous that Ayako can actually write the boy's names in Japanese, so she will write these on the boys' kites. We will fly them en masse outside the Art Studio to help promote and celebrate the identity of boys and Japanese culture.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts