18 June 2018

Performing Arts News

Over the past few weeks we made an important discovery - the Year 4 boys are secretly Hip Hop Dance Superstars! The boys have brought amazing energy and focus to their Performing Arts lessons as both 4C and 4R prepare two different dances. They have been refining their moves using the elements of dance as a guide. These include Body ('What' your body can do), Energy ('How' we use our body), Space ('Where' the body moves) and Time ('When' the body moves). We've also had a special focus on noticing the 'finer details'. Thanks to our iPads, we are able to video our rehearsals and replay them for critical analysis. The boys have been able to give each other excellent feedback and I have been very impressed with how positive and constructive their comments have been. The boys will be performing their dances at 2.40pm on Thursday 26 November, so watch this space for more information.

Miss Phebe Samson

Performing Arts Teacher