26 November 2018

Unlocking Global Politics

As the new Year 11 cohort of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students commenced their studies this term, within the Individuals and Societies subjects there was a new potential.

Global Politics is the latest offering by the International Baccalaureate and the fourteen Scotch College and PLC students being taught by Mr David Kyle will become some of the first students globally to sit examinations in the course in 2017.

The Global Politics course explores fundamental political concepts such as power, liberty and sovereignty in a range of contexts and at a variety of levels. It allows students to develop an understanding of the local, national, international and global dimensions of political activity. The course is designed for students to be consistently engaging with case studies that they can use to aid their understanding of course theory. Two initial case studies have been introductory lessons into the disputed islands of the South China Sea and the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership, both of which are hugely topical and pertinent to all Australians.

As evidenced by courses at universities around Australia, courses in international relations, global politics or security studies have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are a range of reasons for this and Mr Kyle said, "the course is a real blend of the many subject areas that make up the humanities and, combined with the excitement of such an intertwined 21st century world, we are able to study relevant material that really interests our students."

The students have already been lucky enough to have a guest in from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Claire Elias, a local Perth girl, has recently returned from New York where she worked as a part of the Australian delegation to the UN Security Council. Claire had also worked on the bid to become a temporary Security Council member and was able to explain the process leading to this commitment and what a career in the area of Global Politics may look like.

The course continues the IB theme of assisting students to develop international mindedness and a broader awareness of differing perspectives.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning