18 June 2018

Preparing Boys for Life

It is sad sitting here writing my Thistle article this weekend with the end of the school year only three weeks away, and thinking this is how we started the year, with the tragic news of terror attacks in France. In between, globally, and Australia is included, we have had a steady, daily news feed of human atrocity. As an educator and as a father I wonder and worry, what kind of world do we need to be preparing our students, our children for? The events that have occurred in France this year are not acts of nature; this is human behaviour. It appears we are on the edge of a world where boundaries and agreements that we may have felt existed, no longer do. Respect for the sanctity of life, respect for individual and societal rights, and respect for conventions, organisations and people that bring safety and security appear shaky at best in many places.

Each year we have students who after 12 years of school, measure themselves in preparation for the next phase of their lives against WACE examinations. A significant amount of time, attention and focus is on this group and this event.

Each day though we highlight, encourage and measure boys across the School against these College Mission statements:

Integrity: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Service: acts of helpful activity; assistance and support; to do someone service.

Stewardship: using talents, abilities and resources in a responsible and honourable manner.

These are the behaviours and the qualifications that citizens of our changing world still need, aren't they?

I was very proud of our Scotch students and the wider Scotch community over the weekend when I witnessed 80 boys and parents participating in the charity event Tim's Ride. The Pipe Band piping the riders off at the start and the strong bank of maroon in the peloton was heartening and uplifting. These actions and contributions are more than the 8 curriculum areas we assess and grade students on. Actions such as this; where we are prepared to think about others and give of our own time and energy to help someone and pay our respects. This is the mindset we will need for our changing world.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School