18 June 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Benjamin Lilburne

For consistently showing enthusiasm, integrity and motivation to succeed across a range of subject areas. He is a friendly and earnest young man who is a pleasure to have in the class.


William Chalmers

William epitomises everything the IB stands for. He has stood out above all the boys in my class, always placing others ahead of himself, being respectful, helpful and always going the extra mile without being asked. William displays all the attributes of a great leader.


Connor Dinas

Connor has demonstrated the qualities of a principled and reflective learner who has constantly strived for his personal best. He has excelled academically and personally in his first year at Scotch College. Connor takes advice on board and takes risks with his inquiries. He is a delightful member of the 7H class with an effervescent smile and a friendly disposition. Connor is a young man that appreciates the opportunities he has been given at Scotch College and this is immensely rewarding for his teachers.


Bailey Cumming

Since starting at the College this year Bailey has displayed a diligent approach to his work. He communicates his ideas well in class and shows he has an inquiring mind by answering and asking relevant questions. Bailey reflects on the information he gathers and formulates responses that display considerable thought. He is always polite and listens to the ideas of others.


Jonus Williams

Jonus' determination to make the most of his opportunities has seen him strengthen his skills across all facets of the College. His energy and enthusiasm are consistent both in his academic and sporting achievements. Jonus strove to improve his work over the year and engaged in his own learning more as the year progressed. He showed empathy to those less fortunate giving his own personal items to those who needed them more. Jonus is a worthy recipient of a Headmaster's Commendation.


Hamish Gooch

Hamish has had a consistently good year. He has worked hard, been good to his classmates, looked out for his fellow boarders and always been friendly and polite to teachers. Hamish is already a leader within the 7S classroom and I have no doubt that he will continue to grow as a leader in years to come at Scotch.


Jett Braddock

Jett has been a diligent and conscientious student throughout this year. He is motivated to do well and always takes pride in his work. Jett always has excellent manners and treats all members of the Scotch College community with respect and care. He has a great sense of humour and enjoys banter with staff and students. Jett is a fine young man and a worthy winner of a Headmaster's Commendation.


Jacob Lewis

For the mature and committed approach he adopted towards his learning this semester. Jacob focussed well in class, stayed dedicated to his goals and made vast improvements to the quality and quantity of his work. Reaching his personal best has become a regular feat and this is highly commendable.


Alexander Melville

Alexander is a responsible and committed student. He can always be relied upon to make the correct decisions both inside and outside of the classroom. He has a positive attitude towards all aspects of his learning and can be proud of his efforts this year. Alexander has been a delight to teach and deserves all of the success and happiness he receives.


Connor Smith

For the positive attitude he displays towards his learning. Connor has an inquiring mind and his contributions in class are much valued.