26 November 2018

Head of Junior School

As we approach the end of another successful year, I reflect on the many events that have brought us together as a community, as well as the many new families and teachers who have joined the Scotch family. I am very proud of the boys and their many achievements.


We say farewell to members of the Junior School staff. Mrs Deb Kerfoot and Mrs Mel Zeipe have been working as Education Assistants in the Junior School. They have been excellent in their roles and in how they have supported the boys in their learning. I want to thank Mrs Kerfoot and Mrs Zeipe for their service to the Junior School and I wish them the very best in their future endeavours. Mrs Merrie Cockerill will be finishing her role as a teacher in the Academic Support department at the end of the term. Mrs Cockerill will, however, be continuing her role as the manager of the Multi-Lit reading programme in the Junior and Middle School. I am pleased that Mrs Cockerill will be continuing her long association with the College. We are currently in the process of recruiting her replacement.

Class Teachers for 2016

I am pleased to confirm that all of our current teachers will be returning for the 2016 school year.

Below are the teacher assignments for 2016.




Mrs Susan Phillips


Mrs Kristen Grey


Mrs Alison Webster

Mrs Tara Fowles


Ms Liza Richardson

Mrs Laree Springall


Miss Olivia Creagh

Mrs Rebecca Turkich


Miss Renae Cirillo

Mr Andrew Wells

Academic Support

Ms Penny Hooper

Mrs Fran Longhurst

Mrs Jill Willetts

Mrs Janet Lopez

Physical Education

Mr Scott Whiston

Ms Anna Clancy

Visual Arts

Ms Karen Sabitay

Performing Arts

Miss Phebe Samson


Mrs Carolyn Vinton

Semester 2 Reports

Semester 2 reports will be sent home during the final week of term and teachers will be available to answer any queries parents may have regarding the reports. Please email your son's teacher/s if you should like to request an interview.

Junior School Film Festival

On Monday 16 November, the Junior School held its first Film Festival. Twenty-six boys from Years 1-5 entered their films. The categories were diverse, including nature documentaries, film trailers, DIY, short films and animations. The creativity of the boys was outstanding, which made it difficult for the judges to pick an overall winner.

Well done to Billy and James Mahaffy, whose short film "Mr Dunderhead" was declared the overall winner.

Other films entered in the festival are currently showing on a loop in the library.

Honourable mentions

Special Mention



The adventure of my house

Callum Shaw

Summer is here

Jack Sisson


Billy Chambers

The Weird Holiday

Thomas Chambers

Year 1 and 2 Trailers

Special Mention



Best use of animals

An afternoon with Princess

Lachlan Cairns

Best slow motion


Jonathan Gattorna

Best musical score

John and Dad

John Gordon

Off road adventure

Cooper Royle

Best stunts

Patience test

Will Howie

Best Action shots

Skate South

Brenn Armstrong


Special mention



Best actress

Day in the life of Zoe

Andrew Katsambanis

Best lifestyle cooking

Pasta Making

Marc Ricciardello

Best use of live animals

Humphrey the guinea pig

Alex Russell-Weisz, Henry Vaughan and Henry Capon

Best narration

The Coyote

Gianluca Mastrocinque

Best voice over

Tasmanian Devil

James Spadanuda, Seamus Walton and Mitchell Hyde

Best use of Puppetry and credits


Codi Cook

Best DIY

Fletcher O'Connoll


Best Musical score


Thomas Lovegrove

Best cinematography

The adventures of William

William Macknay

Best Documentary

Cape League

Henry Capon

Best Film

Mr Dunderhead

James and Billy Mahaffy

2016 Meet the Teacher Evening

I invite all parents to attend a session with myself to hear about our goals and programmes for the 2016 school year. Mr Norman will talk about our developments and initiatives in our teaching and learning programme and Miss Hopper will talk about pastoral care. This session will be followed by time in your son's class to hear about the expectations, procedures and programmes for the school year from his new class teacher. Meet the Teacher Evening will take place on Wednesday 3 February beginning at 6:00pm in the MacKellar Hall.

I wish to thank the teachers for their outstanding work this year. Their commitment, professionalism and determination to provide the very best education for the boys was inspirational to see. I thank the boys for their positive approach to learning, their respect for one another and their unique personalities. Finally, I wish to thank our fantastic parent community. Your support and engagement with us this year was greatly welcomed and appreciated.

I wish all families, boys and staff a wonderful Christmas and summer holiday. I look forward to the 2016 academic year and seeing the many refreshed faces as we begin what will be an exciting school year.

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School