18 June 2018

Art News

I Wish We Had More Time!

As we work through our final art activities for 2015, Year 5 are completing their self portraits in preparation for a Collaborative Installation and ….I Wish We Had More Time!

The choir will be singing a special song and Miss Samson (PA Teacher) forwarded me the YouTube links, to get a feel for the song and see if we could make a meaningful link through art.

I saw an image of a boy looking straight out in a reflective manner, from a moody, melancholy, cloudy sky. The image stayed with me until I created a project to combine these elements, so that each of the Year 5 boys could represent this moment for himself - the right of passage between leaving Junior School and moving onto Middle School. Lyrics in the song include, "I'm never changing who I am."

Boys learnt how to render clouds from an online tutorial and exploring using paint. Mrs Coutts and Mrs Weber took photos of the boys, who practised their "Blue Steel" look! Mrs Lorimer applied her knowledge of Photoshop effects to produce a photo which actually looks like a David Bromley painting. Mrs Farrell shared her painting expertise with the boys whilst they were rendering the cloudy skies. Opportunities to collaboratively share ideas and skills with projects like this make the learning richer.

I wish we had more time because the boys could have explored their own effects and moods, with endless possibilities using this creative software and newly acquired skills. Now they can go ahead and explore other options themselves.

Here are a couple of the results in progress. I can't wait to see the end result on display as an installation for Presentation Day, Tuesday 8 December at 11.00am.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts