18 June 2018


Bonjour everyone! Well, it has been a busy semester in French - the boys have achieved so much. The Year 5's have been working on adapting a French poem to create a new animal poem of their own. 5W and 5C were examining biomes in their UOI, so we looked at them in our French lessons too. They learnt about 5 different biomes and the animals found there and then they chose an animal to discuss in their poem. The boys looked up vocabulary in bilingual dictionaries, substituted words, practiced pronunciation and then recorded themselves reciting their brand new poem. The poems were very enjoyable to listen to: discussing where each animal lives, what foods they eat and something that they don't eat. Quite a lot of boys completed their poem with "le chocolat, il ne mange pas" (he doesn't eat chocolate!) Evidently they were not discussing a lesser-spotted Madame Vinton! Merci to everyone for your hard work this semester, and for making me feel so welcome. I look forward to more fun next year. Bonnes vacances!

Madame Vinton

French Specialist