18 June 2018

3T News

The end of year is always busy, but we in 3T have found it vibrant and exciting! At every turn there has been a new learning experience just waiting for us to enjoy.

Our Who We Are unit saw us delve into culture and identity. We've explored the traditions, celebrations, values and beliefs of various factions. In order to connect with the culture of our community, we invited parents to join us in the classroom and share the wonders of their own heritage. We enjoyed a traditional Greek feast, and an accordion playing grandfather taught us the Zorba. We then heard tales of Maori traditions and danced the Haka, which the boys did like natives! Little did we know that Scotch College has a long-standing connection to this warrior's dance and even has their own version, currently performed by students everywhere. There was also a Maltese display and in true spirit, a Scottish family gave us an even greater insight into the foundations upon that which our college is built.

The input from families throughout this unit, and the entire year, highlighted the fact that we are incredibly privileged to be part of such a generous and invested community, all keen on creating the most wonderful and supportive learning environment for our boys.

Each and every boy in 3T is to be congratulated for the effort and energy they have brought to our classroom and our school. It has been amazing to watch the growth of the boys across a whole year and an absolute delight to be part of their journey.

Mrs Rebecca Turkich

Year 3 Teacher