26 November 2018

MYP Reporting in the Middle School

In a couple of weeks you will receive your son's report. This will be sent to you as a paper copy and it will also be available for you to view, and print if needed, on Connect.

This report will be a summation of your son's academic achievements during Semester 2. There is a lot of information in the report and I recommend that you take the time to go through the report with your son, congratulating him on the things that he did well and discussing the recommendations given on how he could improve his levels next year.

You will see that in Year 6 and 7 there is a page each for Science and Humanities showing the levels, grade and Approaches to Learning (work habits) but only one comment. These subjects are taught in an interdisciplinary programme and so the comment reflects how they have performed in both areas. There will be a full-page report for the Design unit your son completed in Rotation 2 and a comment only for the unit they completed in Rotation 3. The last rotation's results are reflected in the overall grade they received for Design for Semester 2.

This report, along with the results and comments that have been placed on Connect and on assessment pieces over the semester, as well as the conversations and correspondence that you many have had with teachers, should provide you with an accurate account of how your son has performed in Semester 2.

Ms Anna Eriksson

Middle School Dean of Teaching and Learning