18 June 2018

Art News

It is useful when starting a new year to reflect and remind us about the importance and potential of learning through the Arts and of the Arts. The International Baccalaureate programme mirrors quite a few skills on this list, including - top of the list here - Creativity. The overall theme for the upcoming IPSHA Exhibition this year is "Creativity is Contagious…Pass it On!"

Over the year, I look to make authentic links and meaningful connections with artists and community events, such as 'Sculptures by the Sea' in March. A great local resource is you, the parents and Scotch Community. I would like to extend an invitation to you to become involved in the Art Programme here at Scotch in whatever capacity you like - from rotating parent help rosters, to sharing any particular interests or expertise, joining a small group of parents that could meet fortnightly to assist in preparation for Exhibitions or managing bigger projects, or simply joining in an art class with your son when you can.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in engaging with the Arts or have particular skills (like sewing etc), ksabitay@scotch.wa.edu.au , or let your new class representative know.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts