26 November 2018


Bonjour et bienvenue! Welcome to a new school year. It has been lovely seeing the boys in French lessons and hearing that some of them managed to use their French during the long summer holiday - how wonderful to know they have the opportunity for French in action! This week, our classes have been working hard on designing an Essential Agreement for use in our French lessons. While examining the attributes and attitudes of the IB, the boys have identified key elements that are so important in the language classroom, such as risk-taking, communicating, cooperating and confidence, all make a big difference to how often any language learner will be able to contribute. I am delighted to say that the boys have a really strong commitment to active French use in class, whether it be to sing a song, complete a partner activity or to try something more difficult, like a new sentence or question-answer game, our boys are active linguists in every lesson. Au revoir.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist