15 October 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

Welcome back to the new school year. It is great to see your sons back and so eager to learn. The Library is open for boys before school from 7.45am and after school until 4.00pm. During this time, boys are welcome to do homework, read quietly, borrow books or seek IT support from our talented team of 1degree staff (start time for this team is 8.00am). The library is also open at lunchtime for boys to read, or play lego or board games.

Each class has a structured lesson in the library with me once per fortnight. These lessons support the Unit of Inquiry in the classroom. At this time boys have the opportunity to borrow books for recreational reading and research tasks. It is important that boys bring a library bag to this lesson to protect the books from drink bottle and lunch box spills in their school bags. Library bags are available from the Uniform shop or boys can use an old conference bag, shopping bag or similar.

Each Thursday morning after drop off we have a group of parents (mainly mums but dads and grandparents are very welcome) who come in and cover new books. This is a great way to get to know other parents in the school, find out what is happening around the College and see new resources as they come through (borrowing welcome!). This runs through to about 9.45am. Coffee & tea provided. This year, our Library Service Specialist Emma Murdoch will be coordinating this session. All warmly welcome.

Enjoy the term - before we know it, it will be Easter!

Mrs Kathryn Salt

Junior School Teacher-Librarian