18 June 2018

Community and Service

Round Square Conference: Homelessness Service Activity

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In April Scotch College is hosting a Round Square Conference for students aged 12-14 years. We are expecting 150 delegates from schools within our Australasia and East Asia region. The conference is organised around the Round Square IDEALS: Internationalism; Democracy; Environmental Awareness; Adventure; Leadership; and Service.

The service activity will focus on homelessness, with participants rolling 'Street Swags', packing comfort items and fresh food at the 'Food Rescue' base and then distributing the packs to the homeless clients of the UnitingCare West, Tranby Day Centre.

We are seeking donations of new comfort items including, tooth brushes and paste, underwear for both sexes, soap, moisturizer, shampoo and other toiletries - in fact…any small item that you feel would be useful for homeless people of Perth sleeping rough or in temporary accommodation.

Please drop donated items at any of the sub-school receptions.

Disabled Surfers Event: Great Start To The Year!

The first Disabled Surfers Association event for 2016 took place on 30 January. This was supported by over 20 Scotch Year 11 and 12 boys who volunteered their time before school commenced. This was an outstanding turnout and the organisers continue to be impressed by the contribution from Scotch College boys and staff.

dsurfing 1 dsurfing 2

The next DSA event is on Saturday 20 February. Parents are most welcome to come along and join in as volunteers. Please contact Bill Cordner for more information or to the DSA web site.

Good Samaritan Bin

As we start the new year, you are reminded that Scotch has its own on-site 'Good Sammies' clothing bin to receive donations. This is located on the driveway adjacent to the Dining Hall. Our bin is a particularly special one, painted in colourful flowers by Year 3 boys in 2013.

Year 10 Short-term Exchanges: Jordan, India, South Africa, New Zealand

Year 10 boys still have an opportunity to apply to go on short-term (six week) exchanges as part of the Round Square exchange programme. We have been most recently approached by Kings Academy in Jordan to see if we might have any interest in organising a reciprocal exchange. This school is a long-term member of Round Square and highly regarded. The school web site can be found here.

Other excellent Round Square schools in India and South Africa are also keen for our boys to exchange with their students. Please contact Bill Cordner for more information

Tanzania Project Fundraising Games and Movie Night

On Friday 11 March, PLC is hosting a 'Games and Movie Night' for Year 7 and 8 students from both PLC and Scotch College. This will commence at 6.00pm and finish at 9.30pm. Proceeds from the ticket sales will be used to finish the building of a Trade Training Centre in Matipwili village in Tanzania. A joint Scotch and PLC group started this in 2014 and it is hoped that the centre will be finished this July when another group travels to Tanzania.

Boys in Years 7 and 8 will be provided with ticket sales information once it becomes available.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service