26 November 2018

Primo Lux Poetry Anthology

Congratulations to Connor Arnold (Year 12, Anderson) and James Cameron (Year 12, Ferguson) for being invited to publish their respective poems "Inside Out" and "Aurora Borealis" in the annual Primo Lux Poetry Anthology. They were also asked to read their poems aloud to a packed audience at a poetry reading evening in Fremantle late last year.

The Raven

Congratulations to the following boys who had their creative writing or visual art work published in the Spring edition of The Raven which came out in the last week of last term. These boys are:

Camden Whitney Hopkins (OSC 2015), Charlie Mills (Year 12, Stuart), Archie Capon (Year 10, Brisbane), James Oakey (Year 10, Brisbane), Henry Edwards (OSC 2015), Folau Penaia (Year 12, Keys), Daniel Trainer (OSC 2015), Connor Porter-Wilkinson (OSC 2015), Peter Cooke (Year 12, Cameron), James Cameron (Year 12, Ferguson), Flynn Robertson (Year 12, Stuart), Sam Perrignon (Year 12, Stuart), Jordan Bowling (Year 10, Ross), Alex Vasilio-Davis (Year 10, Alexander), Tegan McCarthy, André Stanley (OSC 2015), Mitchell Atkinson (Year 12, Alexander), Spencer Easton (Year 10, Cameron), Will Brady (Year 10, Anderson), Mitchell Evans (Year 10, Keys) and Sidharth Bhargavan (Year 11, Shearer).

Please enjoy reading or viewing work by visiting the electronic version of The Raven via the Scotch homepage.

Dr Jeannette Weeda

English Teacher