7 May 2018

Communication Between School and Home


Please contact the College by phone or email regarding your son's absence early in the morning of the day of his absence. The parents of all boys whose absence is not accounted for in Tutor Period will be contacted. Please assist the School by contacting us if your son will be absent.

Contact details: Student Services on 9383 6928 or seniorschool@scotch.wa.edu.au.

When a boy returns to school following an absence, he should bring with him a note signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason. This note should be left at the Student Services Office (located directly opposite the main entrance to the Dickinson Centre). Absence notes should be clearly printed and show the boy's name, initials, House and year group.

Leave During the Day or Late Arrival

If a boy needs to leave school throughout the day, he is required to sign out in the Student Services office. Similarly, boys who arrive late to school (after 8.35am) are required to sign in.

Student Services is located on the verandah directly opposite the entrance to the Dickinson Centre. No student may leave the Campus without reporting to Student Services.

Car Drivers and Registration

Boys in Year 12 wishing to drive to school are required to register with Mr Burt. Application forms are to be completed and signed by a parent.

SmartRider Cards - Senior School

Smartrider Cards will be automatically issued to new Senior School boys following Photo Day, Monday, Week 2 in Summer Term.