18 June 2018

Parents Association

The Parents Association was very pleased to provide a Family Welcome BBQ for current and new Scotch families last Sunday (31 January) on the grounds in front of the Boarding House. There was an excellent turnout with over 800 sausages, buns and equivalent salads consumed by the hungry boys, siblings and parents. The PA Committee and Scotch catering staff were kept very busy on the BBQ's and serving refreshments at the bar.

Feedback received was that the new venue and a new inflatable obstacle course were a hit with families. We believe that the Welcome BBQ is an excellent way to kick-start the New Year at Scotch. We will work on additional quantities for next year and look at new ways to improve the interaction between new parents and other parents in the same year groups. The focus on House Groups for Senior School boys was a great success and we thank the House Heads and School staff who gave up their time to assist.

At the end of last year the PA approved two significant projects that we believe would enhance the boys experience at Scotch and forms part of our technology focus for 2016. The school has now installed both of these initiatives during the Christmas break.

Four ATV screens and motorised blinds were approved for installation in the School Dining Room at a cost of $69,000.

Live streaming of News and information was approved for addition to the Bunning Resource Centre at a cost of $17,000.

We encourage you to inspect both of these initiatives and hope you and your family can enjoy them throughout the year. The dining room will be particularly busy hosting sports functions over the coming months.

With the coming Scotch Year 12 Ball at the end of February we wish the Scotch Auxiliary well in their massive preparation and work is underway to support the Ball Muster afterwards.

Save the Date - Year 9 Parents

Year 9 Parents and House Heads Dinner - Wednesday, 2 March 2016.

Details to follow

Mr Ian Knobel