15 October 2018

Head of Middle School

It has been a remarkably smooth commencement to the school year. Your support behind the scenes, particularly last year around the Orientation visits has really helped facilitate this - thank you. To the parents who stayed and answered questions for new parents over a cup of tea last Monday, this was invaluable, thank you.

Two very important support groups at Scotch College are the Parent Association and the Scotch Auxiliary. The Welcome BBQ on Sunday 31 January was an excellent example of the work these organisations do for us all. There was a great turnout and the opportunity to meet many of the Boarding families was also appreciated. Additionally the Scotch Auxiliary with its links into each of the sub schools, provides a valuable support mechanism as well. The welcome morning tea in Middle School and the chance to meet new parents and get 'old' parent perspectives on the complex life that is Scotch was greatly appreciated. Both of these organisations survive on a rotation of parents who volunteer their time in these groups, to provide new energy and share the load.

I anticipate a really positive year with your sons. A big focus for us this term is for your son to feel welcomed, knowledgeable about what is expected of him and confident to begin developing the important social and academic relationships that will sustain him this year. I look forward to seeing many of you this week at our Parent Information Evenings.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School