15 October 2018

Community Service Focus

Following a general and casual invite on our first day back, thirty boys bought their lunch, enthusiasm and ideas to a voluntary meeting on Tuesday and discussed how they could support the kids and people of Yarloop and Waroona following the fires there this summer. There was no shortage of thoughts on how to raise money but the general consensus was to go a bit deeper and whether we, a group of Middle School students, could actually do something ourselves. Whilst a second hand book sale, a cake stall and a free dress day have now been factored into the calendar this term with the hope of generating some money to use in a project, we have also been in touch with Landcare and a number of projects with them are being discussed. It hasn't taken long for our boys to recognise and shoulder the responsibility that comes with our core values of service and stewardship. More information on this initiative will be distributed as it unfolds.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School