15 October 2018


Bonjour everyone. Well, the boys in Year 4 have begun the year very well, learning about parts of the body. They have applied themselves to learning 8 target words, ranging from 'le pied' (the foot) to 'la tête' (the head). The boys created a wonderful Martian reference page for themselves, which allowed them to create an interesting collection of body parts - two heads and three legs, anyone? They have also embraced a new group activity called 1 à 10, in which the boys sit in a circle and pass around flash cards of the body parts and when I have finished counting to 'dix' everyone must look for the body part I name. Lots of fun! They are becoming very proficient in naming every one of their 8 target words and locating it on their own body. Bravo Year 4!

Madame Vinton

French Specialist