15 October 2018

From the Head of Senior School

In addition to the busy schedule that forms a normal week at Scotch College, we have witnessed a number of special highlights in the Senior School over the past week that will no doubt remain with the boys for many years to come.

Year 12 Ball

What a spectacular event! The incredible décor, menu and entertainment came together under the leadership of Tania Hollingsworth and a team of tireless workers that formed the Ball Committee. To watch the large contingent of parents working throughout the day on Friday and Saturday highlighted the level of support and effort given by so many parents over a number of months. The generosity of parents in giving their time and their attention to detail was clearly evident on the night, making this year's Year 12 Ball a night the boys and their partners will never forget.

Year 12 ball

Thank you!

The Year 9 Rottnest Camp

Last week, the boys in Year 9 spent four days on Rottnest Island in a range of outdoor pursuits aimed at building resilience, problem solving, tolerance and learning about local history and outdoor education. The camp is a key component in establishing an inclusive and supportive community in the Senior School. A feature of the camp is the role of the House Head is forming a close working relationship with your son. This relationship will continue and grow throughout his time in the Senior School.

Rotto 2016

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School