26 November 2018

6B RAPS Super Stars

This week, the 6B boys have been enthusiastically improving their RAPS skills. No, not RAPS of the musical variety, this is RAPS of a literacy variety. By following a prescribed set of steps, the boys are learning to provide full, correctly structured paragraph answers to questions:

R - restate the question

A - answer the question

P - provide proof from the stimulus

S - sum it up with a concluding sentence

The Guided Literacy programme involves the boys being exposed to a stimulus that may be visual, audio or written, then responding to 3 levels of questioning on that stimulus. This week the boys' stimulus was the film clip to Rudimental's song "Free", which instantly grabbed their attention and provided them with a lot of material to write about.

The boys have also been practicing their RAPS during our Reading Circle sessions in the library and I am looking forward to seeing them develop this new skill over the course of the year and through their Middle School journey.

Mrs Sophie Berry

6B Homeroom Teacher