15 October 2018

4C News

The 4C boys have hit the ground running this term. It was hard work climbing the extra stairs but it was worth it when they saw their beautiful classroom. It is fondly known as the 'penthouse suite' in the Junior School due to its spectacular views of the Scotch ovals. As part of the 'Who we are' unit, the boys have researched a body system of their choice and shared their findings with the rest of the class. They enjoyed the science experiments immensely. The boys explored the components of blood through making a delicious jelly and lolly concoction, and learned about the effects of acid on teeth using eggs and vinegar. The boys have been very fortunate to have parent expert speakers come and speak about the body systems, physical fitness and healthy eating. They will be ending this unit with a fabulous assembly item in Week 7. The boys have had a fabulous start to the year and they are very much looking forward to our next unit of inquiry, 'How we organize ourselves.'

Miss Olivia Creagh

Year 4 Teacher