15 October 2018

Learning a New Language in 7M

Here at Scotch, we are lucky to study languages. We learn French and Indonesian, and in an increasingly globalised world it is important to be good communicators, and learning multiple languages can help us do that.

In the 7M classroom we are learning a third language - Australian Sign Language or commonly known as, Auslan. Auslan is a visual language using signs to create meaning via the hands, orientation, location, movement and expression. Auslan is primarily used by people who have a loss of hearing or who are profoundly deaf. Did you know that 95% of deaf babies are born to non-deaf families?

7M have been learning some of the basics of Auslan under the guidance of Miss Clare Housley, and so far we have mastered the alphabet and some simple phrases like, 'My name is…' and "How are you?" We will continue to develop our sign language skills through fortnightly lessons and work towards being a more inclusive classroom.

Ms Deborah Mullin

7M Homeroom Teacher