26 November 2018

Science Presentation by Jack Hondros

On Wednesday 16 March Jack Hondros will be lecturing in the Science department at 3.40 pm. This lecture will be open to students, staff and parents and is titled "Earth rights, birthrights and local democracy". It will address saving our planet in the face of the resource depletion highlighting the non-sustainability of Man's endeavours.

"We don't do enough talking", says Jack Hondros. We need to talk about fracking, climate change, the degradation of our soil and water and food quality, as well as the wider ramifications of Fukushima and other world upheavals that will likely affect us all. It's time for some civic participation, so come for a session that will get us talking.

Donations on entry will be given to the Fred Hollows appeal.

Mrs Fiona Mochrie

Science Teacher