15 October 2018

Community and Service

Fundraising as Service

At the recent Round Square Schools - Heads and Reps meeting in Tokyo there was discussion about how our schools could add educational value to fundraising through stronger partnerships with agencies, in order that students really understand the causes being supported. At Scotch we have tended to fundraise for causes that are pertinent to sections of our community, such as juvenile diabetes or in support of our overseas service partners and projects. It was recognised at the meeting that, while fundraising is something we all do well, it is important to ensure that the cause is well understood and that students don't just see success in raising money in itself as the service - without truly understanding the reason for the work.

Homelessness in Perth

The Year 10 boys who visit Tranby Day Centre in East Perth are often surprised at the type of people who present as homeless. The clients of Tranby who tell their stories as part of the programme are often far removed from the stereotypical image of a homeless person. Increasingly they are coming from professional backgrounds and often they are women - some with children - as well as teenagers not long out of school. According to the most recent census, Perth has 43 people homeless for every 10,000 of population, more than any other capital city in Australia.

Homelessness will be the focus of the service activity for our 'Life On The Edge' - Round Square Conference in April. During the four days of the conference, delegates will roll 300 Street Swags as well as package personal hygiene items and distribute them through the Tranby and St Patrick's (Fremantle) homeless services.

Your assistance is needed - to provide items that would be useful for someone living rough on the streets. A suggested list of items can be found here. The aim is to collect at least one item from each boy at the College. These can be deposited at the Receptions of respective schools or in the boxes provided by the House service reps in the Senior School.

Year 7/8 Games and Movie Night

Tickets are selling fast for the Games and Movie Night being hosted by PLC in aid of the Matipwili Trade Training Centre being constructed in Tanzania. The group of Scotch and PLC students travelling to Tanzania in July this year will work alongside village workers to complete the project. Tickets can be purchased on-line at 'Book a Scotch Event' More information on the event can be found here.

African Beach Party at Kidogo Gallery, Fremantle

The Tanzania Expedition 2016 group is hosting a function at Kidogo Gallery in Fremantle on Friday, 1 April. Funds from ticket sales will go towards the cost of materials required to complete the Matipwili Trade training Centre. On the beach at Bathers Beach in Fremantle the Kidogo (Swahili for small) Gallery and deck is a superb setting for a night of good food, live music and good company - all for a great cause. Tickets can be purchased through 'Book a Scotch Event' on the Scotch web site. More information can be found here.

Year 10 Round Square Exchanges

There are still opportunities for boys in Year 10 to go on short-term exchange to schools in India, Jordan, South Africa and New Zealand. Boys interested in applying for these 5-6 week exchanges should see Mr Cordner for more details. This week we were informed that Kings Academy Jordan has two boys wanting to come to us, travelling together. This would be a good opportunity for two boys together to take up this offer to spend some time in a superb school in Jordan.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community Service