18 June 2018

Head of Middle School

Last week was a significant milestone in the term. The Parent/Teacher Interviews were an enormously valuable series of conversations for us. It is important for us to stop and reflect individually on each student, determining how they have commenced the year and are positioned now to make the most of the opportunities and the year ahead. Your input into these conversations has been vital and helped us meet one of our most important mission statements and goals of 'Knowing the boy'.

The next 4 weeks will be significant for Year 7 boys who all head off to Moray. A week of rafting, rope work, climbing, bush walking, canoeing, camping and 'self' catering lies ahead and the opportunity for us to know your son a great deal more as well. It is also a great detoxing week away from computers, mobiles and electronic screens. Be aware you son will come back tired and dirty, but he will have some great stories to tell and another level of confidence about who he is, how his mates think and operate, and the ability to self-manage himself that we believe will have positive benefits back in the classroom.

Two weekends ago a small group of boys and dads spent the weekend working on a farm near Waroona that had been burnt out during the summer bush fires. It was a sobering experience to see first-hand the devastation caused by fire and not just to the landscape, but to the families, equipment, stock and wildlife caught up in the fire zone as well. The group spent the two days putting in fence posts, stringing up ring lock fencing and barbed wire and demolishing and collecting up old fence lines. It was intimidating looking at the task that lies ahead for the farmers, the wildlife and the environment to recover from the impact of this fire. It was a sombre, but positive feeling being able to contribute in a small way to the recovery. The gratitude of the three farming families was overwhelming and sincere. It was a reminder that being able to help others gives us such a rewarding feeling. A special vote of thanks must to Deborah Pitter and Chris Edgar for helping us with the initial contacts in the Waroona region and the opportunity to stay at their property over the weekend.

Another opportunity for service work in this region will come up in a few weeks' time. LandCare Australia have invited us to join with them for a weekend of restoration work on the banks of the Harvey River where the fire has burnt the trees and grasses that hold the banks together. More information about this project will be detailed in the Middle School Newsletter.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School