18 June 2018

7.1K Make Memories at Moray

Year 7.1K travelled down to Moray with 7.2M in Week 6 this term for a memorable camping experience. The boys embraced all aspects of the Outdoor Education Programme but a favourite would have to be the raft building and canoeing. A game that was very popular was the see-saw, where boys stand at either end of the canoe and try to flip the other person into the water. This resulted in much laughter and some sneaky tactical movements employed by some boys. Raft building also saw the competitive spirit in force. Boys were asked to build a raft with given materials that was sea worthy, as well as fast. The scientists, with an interest in physics, were in their element. There was much talk about hydrodynamics, force, buoyancy and weight distribution. The winners, helping themselves to extra dessert! What a great experience Moray is for staff and boys!

Mrs Karen Woods

7.1K Homeroom Teacher