26 November 2018

Setting Goals in 8.5A

Being able to reflect and set goals is an important skill for all. Reflection allows you to examine the positives and negatives of a situation and consider changes and improvements for the future. Setting goals enables us to have something to focus on and work towards achieving. In 8.5A, we regularly reflect and set goals individually and as a class. This term we have been reflecting upon our learning environment and have set personal goals. Here are some thoughts from the 8.5A boys:

I want this class to be like…

"…an enjoyable and friendly environment."

"fun and happy."

"accepting and a nice place for group work."

I learn best when…

"we work together in groups."

"I am happy."

"when it is quiet."

My goal for this year is…

"to be more organised with homework and assignments."

"to make more friends."

"try hard in all of my subjects."

As a Homeroom group, we have also become more aware of how our actions affect others. We have recorded our random acts of kindness, which highlighted the generous and considerate students in 8.5A. Most recently the focus has been on the students thinking about how they can be a great man; a man who has integrity and who has respect for all, including women.

It is great to see the students of 8.5A engage positively with our reflection topics and I look forward to seeing them develop further into great young men throughout the year.

Mrs Sian Angel

8.5A Homeroom Teacher