26 November 2018

Art News

Building a Wicked Web

The Pre Primary boys tapped into their creativity and skills, to plan and develop Dreamcatchers. They have made binoculars to find patterns in their environment, both outside and inside the classroom. All this linked learning led them to collaboratively build a massive spider web. It represented the woven part in the centre of the Dreamcatcher. They each used a ball of wool to wind and weave under and around and through objects on the paved area outside their classroom. It allowed them to explore space, make patterns, take risks and have fun. They were having so much fun, that it attracted the attention of all the other boys who passed by the area. All the boys wanted to join in, so during recess time, everyone was invited to " get trapped" in the web and explore the space. The Pre Primary boys loved seeing Mrs Philips trying to open the door that had been completely woven closed with wool and they enjoyed wrapping up Mr Stewart in wool, so that he would become trapped in the web. It was a really rich experience witnessing such spontaneity, pure joy and interaction from the boys. A special thanks to Mrs Riccadello for taking the photos and to the other teachers, parents and boys for getting involved.

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts