18 June 2018

French News

Bonjour! Well, it has been a busy time for a few of us this week. Last Thursday afternoon I took five boys on an excursion to a sustainability seminar in Perth's northern suburbs. The Year 5's will be beginning their French Environment and Recycling unit in Week 8, so our Environment Captain Noah Lewis, along with fellow Year 5's and environmentalists, Levi Lawson, Marshall Grosse, James Cowan and Alex Jermy, journeyed to Pearsall Primary School. Here the boys learnt more about how schools can work with their local community to get sustainable and environmentally friendly practices up and running. The boys represented us well, talking to their tables about what they hoped to see happening at Scotch and listening to the successes and pitfalls encountered by other schools. We then came together again to work as a group to think of the weaknesses in our own recycling and sustainability programs and made notes on what we can do to improve them. The boys were very enthusiastic and will be able to share their new knowledge when the various captains next gather together. Bravo boys, and here's to a school that works hard at "le recyclage" and "l'environnement". Merci.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist