18 June 2018

Scotch SCUBA Club

Sunday 13 March saw six members of the Scotch College SCUBA Club head out to Rottnest Island for its second trip. After an 8.00am meeting time at the docks, followed by a bumpy and rocky 45 min boat ride (definitely a few sea sick people, staff included), we arrived at our first dive site, eager to get off the rocking boat and into the water. Our first dive lasted about 40min and went down to a depth of 13m. Visibility was not fantastic but we were still able to find some swim throughs, see a stingaree (small stingray) and watch as a school of male wrasse feasted on something that was obviously delicious. And that got us all thinking about our BBQ lunch on board the boat. Time to surface!

The second dive was located around the northern side of the island, known as Sweet Spot, named by a Canadian tourist who came diving many years ago and related to others his new "sweet spot" to go diving. Visibility was very similar, ranging from 7-10m. We were on the edge of the sanctuary zone but unfortunately, not even that helped us to see much marine life. It did give us however, an opportunity to pull out an underwater 'gridiron'. The boys all gathered, the 'call' was made and the games began. Some boys were better at 'throwing' the gridiron at 14m below sea level than others but was an enjoyable and different experience when diving.

Overall, another great day diving. The weather improved as the day went on and the trip back to Fremantle was smooth and enjoyable. I am always proud and happy to take the Scotch boys out. They all chip in and help out when they can and are a pleasure to share the experience with. Lets hope the word spreads and we can get a few more boys involved.


Michael Hawkins (Year 10, Ferguson), Harry Foley (Year 10, St Andrews), Nicholas Klug (Year 11, Keys), Thomas Reymert (Year 11, Brisbane), Cameron Rea (Year 9, Anderson) and Rory McSweeney (Year 11, Shearer)

Mr Alistair Steele

Outdoor Education