26 November 2018

ConICA Concussion Study (UWA)

Has your child recently had a concussion? We are seeking children aged 6-17 to participate in a study on the effects of concussion. We are also recruiting children of the same age without a previous concussion. The study will evaluate a range of concussion symptoms and thinking skills such as memory, learning, attention, and problem solving. The project will also look into the effects of multiple concussions, gender differences, and family influences to determine if these have an impact on recovery. Parents of both injured and non-injured children will receive a detailed report following the assessments. Please contact the Robin Winkler Clinic on 64882644 or Alex Springall to be involved in this project or if you would like more information.

Mr Alex Springall Phone No. 0422052117 Email. alex.springall@research.uwa.edu.au