26 November 2018

Go Manners! In 7.7G

Over the course of Summer Term, class 7.7G has focused on their use of manners in everyday situations. They have studied certain aspects of being a fine young gentleman such as delivering great greetings when meeting new people, the art of the perfect handshake, understanding their responsibilities and their use of polite words when asking for something.

The boys have been really enthusiastic about role playing the various skills and practicing them around school and at home. Mrs Turkich in the Junior School originally developed the programme that has been slightly adapted for the Year 7 boys. All the students of 7.7G encourage their other teachers to be on the lookout for their highly developed manners and would like other students to try and follow their example. Hopefully all the parents have seen their boys displaying these manners on a consistent basis at home as well.

Mr Peter Gaspar

Homeroom Teacher 7.7G