15 October 2018

Leading in 8.1T

It's been another furiously busy start to the Scotch school year with the 8.1T boys being involved in many different activities. In Week 4 of this term, they embarked on a trip to Kings Park to put into tangible practice some orienteering and mapping skills they learnt in Humanities. This was found to be a highly enjoyable day but also demonstrated how these skills can be used in an everyday and close-to-home environment. English and Math were also interwoven into the activities for a truly interdisciplinary experience.

In their English course, the boys are exploring some different aspects of writing creatively and are enjoying the more open-ended approach to this assessment.

Leadership is a new module that has been introduced this year for the Year 8s and the boys are enjoying developing and being able to put into practise these skills. Open Day, which was held on March 11, was their first opportunity to really prove how well they could do this and they did a brilliant job, showing new potential parents-to-be around the school and confidently answering any questions that were put to them. The day was a huge success and this was largely due to the great leadership shown by the boys.

Their next venture will be taking on a buddy in a Year 6 class. This will again give the students the opportunity to be a role model to a younger student and provide advice and support, as well as friendship, to the younger boys.

Busy as the first term has been, it is clear that the 8.1T boys are settling well into their Year 8 routine. They have worked really hard and are looking forward to their visit to Moray in Autumn Term.

Mrs Tracey FitzPatrick

Homeroom Teacher 8.1T