15 October 2018

Have Sum Fun

Over the two weeks leading into Easter, Scotch College presented five teams from Year 5 to Year 12 in the MAWA 2016 Have Sum Fun competitions. There were up to 40 teams in each age division and this was the first time we have entered a Year 5 and 6 team. All our teams were competitive, tough questions were a plenty, hind sight, for some, would have been great and each learnt something from the occasion.


Ms Jo Fletcher is our Enrichment Coordinator for Mathematics and the enthusiasm and passion she and the boys have shown in the enrichment sessions has been tremendous. Special mention goes to one of our two Year 7 and 8 teams, consisting of William Steinberg (Year 8, Bruce), Daniel Wiese (Year 8, Gordon), Sam Wake (Year 8, Bruce), Oliver Barrett (Year 7, Andrew), Heath Muller (Year 7, Bruce) and Jim Allan (Year 7, James), who convincingly won their competition.

The maths enrichment groups will now move onto preparing for some of the national individual competitions.

Ms Sam Rees

Curriculum Leader Mathematics