26 November 2018

Art News

The Year 2 boys have been working towards celebrating 2016 being " Chinese Year of the Monkey", designing and making their own monkey cushions. They have drawn cheeky monkeys, created a family of monkeys by potato printing on paper and printed back and front on fabric for cushions. We used a special material called visofix that fuses material to material when it is ironed. The boys were so lucky to have the support of some parents and grandparents to help them print and sew the cushions together. Then they stuffed them with wadding, stitched the gap closed and finished embellishing them with ribbons, buttons, feathers, fluff etc. It has been a challenging, long term project but the results are definitely worthwhile. Thanks to the parent helpers for their support during this project and to the boys for helping themselves, taking risks and working collaboratively. Cheeky monkeys!!!

Ms Karen Sabitay

PYP Visual Arts