26 November 2018

Helping your children respond to bullying

It is natural for families to feel upset and want to protect their children if they are being bullied. However, children can be distressed when families react with anger. These same strategies apply if your child is being cyber bullied.

Family responses found to be helpful include:

  • Encouraging your children to discuss the situation
  • Being aware of your own responses and reacting in a calm, helpful and supportive manner
  • Believing your children - it is important that your children feel confident talking to you about problems
  • Telling your children that bullying is wrong and reminding them that they have the right to feel safe and happy
    • Making sure your children know how to get help and support at school
    • Helping your children to make friends (having at least one good friend has been shown to reduce the likelihood and impact of bullying)
      • Talking to your children's teacher

• Asking your children what they would like you to do

Mr Warwick Norman

Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator