18 June 2018

3S News

What an amazing first term we've had in 3S. We began the year with a quality start where we explored the many attributes of the PYP before diving straight into our first unit of inquiry. We learnt a lot about personal identity as well as influences each generation has on the next. We noted key events that helped to shape our lives, completed fingerprint poems and investigated genes - we even extracted DNA from strawberries! We also undertook case studies of fictional characters, which we later turned into narratives. In our second unit, we examined basic human rights and made comparisons between classrooms and bedrooms from around the world. This was a very confronting experience and next term we look forward to learning about equal opportunity and writing persuasive texts based on our newly attained knowledge. Where possible, the maths topics we explored reinforced what we learnt in our units. We spent a great deal of time learning about place value, including rearranging numbers, investigating number patterns and using number lines. We also created an all about me poster that contained numbers in our lives. Some of the other maths topics we explored included time and data. This year, 3S was introduced to the STEM program where we worked together to build, create and conduct science experiments. Some of the stand out lessons included building space landers, catapults, bridges and exploding pop rockets! We were also fortunate enough to work with Miss Hooper and Mr Norman on our upcoming Mother's Day assembly. We can't say too much about this as we'd like to keep it a surprise.

Mrs Larree Springall

Year 3 Teacher