18 June 2018

Welcome back to Autumn Term. While there will be lots of important things that will take place over this term there is no date more important than the upcoming date on Sunday 8 May which is Mother's Day. So to all of the mums and grandmothers in our community I wish you a Happy Mother's Day. If you agree that this is the most important date in the year then maybe you can let me know why mums are so special by using our Twitter account on @ScotchcollegeWA.

The next couple of weeks are very important for our Senior School boys as they commence their exams. As boys go through the College they learn many skills and one of those is to be able to handle the formal exam process and in turn develop an appreciation of having a regular study pattern. Last week as the Year 12s returned a number of staff commented how well they seem to be prepared and how much time they had put in during their break. I wish all the boys the best as they approach their exams and I know that they are well prepared and will do the best they can.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we commence PSA Winter Sport. It is always great to witness our boys representing the School with great pride. I look forward to seeing the boys on the sporting field and sharing in their successes. Most importantly I look forward to seeing the sportsmanship they exhibit while playing other schools whether at home or away. Part of the benefit of being a member of the PSA is the comradery between the schools and the competition which taken the right way is a great addition to what makes a PSA school.

I quite often get asked what I think are the most important roles that a Headmaster plays in a school. In my mind there is no doubt that it is the interaction with the students and the focus on community. Equally important is the selection of staff. As I write this newsletter I am actually in Sydney doing some preliminary interviews for the Director of Student and Staff Wellbeing and the new Head of Performing Arts which is essentially a replacement for our Head of Music. Having conducted a lot of interviews over the weekend I am really excited at the level of interest shown in Scotch.

Last week we held a public screening of a film "Most Likely to Succeed". While there were many ideas posed in the film, some not directly transferable into our context, it did raise some very interesting questions about the whole education journey. Over 220 people attended the screening and I am hoping that we can get some feedback. Again, if you use the Twitter handle above it would be great to hear your thoughts and feedback about what makes a great education. On Friday 6 May I have been asked to speak on a panel about "Where is education going to go in WA post the mining boom."

Once again I would like to finish off by wishing all the mums a great day on Sunday. To the boys and the dads I hope that you have something special planned. We all know how much mums bring to our community and in my case while my mother is no longer with us, I do look forward to thinking about her and celebrating what she brought to me as a young man and a young adult. I know that our boys are very fortunate in the love and support they receive from their mothers throughout the year.

Dr A J O'Connell