15 October 2018

Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

For many students in the Middle School, Summer Term was an opportunity to experience a dedicated Drama class for the first time. Risk taking is encouraged, and both new and old students have steadily developed confidence in their performance abilities. The creative process is essential to our subject, and students have thrived at the opportunity to write, rehearse and perform their own work to an audience of their peers.

Many students were lucky enough to star in the Year 6/7 production of, Treasure Island. Thank you to Ms Sarah Combes for directing the outstanding production. The fast-paced and lively performance delivered each production night highlighted the confidence, creativity and energy of the cast. Students were able to develop a variety of theatrical skills, which produced believable characters and a focused stage presence. The positive energy and commitment from the boys ensured that the 2016 production of Treasure Island was a rewarding experience for all involved and a great success.

Our first musical in over 10 years, The Addams Family, will be performed in the Dickinson Centre in June. Tickets will be available through the Scotch website in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs Emma Cooper

Middle School Drama Teacher