26 November 2018

Musical Moments in Middle School

In the Easter holidays musicians in Years 6, 7 & 8 participated in the Middle School Music tour. Members of the Scotch Youth Voices, the Scotch Rocks Band and the Middle School Chamber musicians were involved in a series of rehearsals and performances over a two day period under the baton of Ms Jennifer Sullivan. For many of the boys this was their first music tour and their first performance in a professional music setting. The boys performed some well-known folk tunes, 1960's dance hits and songs that had an important message to convey. The focus of this tour was to encourage boys to be innovative (try something new), improve their musical skills and explore their creative potential.

The initial performance of the tour was held in the Dickinson Centre for the finale of the Round Square Conference held in April. The boys performed a short set and were watched by an enthralled audience, who couldn't resist dancing in their seats to the boys' rendition of Chubby Checker's hit 'Let's Twist Again.'

The following day the boys performed at the Fairbridge Festival with special guest and festival patron Mr Andrew Winton. This festival is a critically acclaimed event and a major feature of the WA cultural calendar with many well-known national and international acts making it a part of their touring schedule. The boys were very pleased to share the stage with Andrew, who has had a long association with the Scotch Youth Voices. After their set was over the boys had the opportunity to explore the festival and experience the diverse range of sounds and sights that the festival has to offer.

Ms Jennifer Sullivan

Middle School Music Teacher