21 May 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Burke Carrington

Burke has consistently shown enthusiasm, integrity and motivation to succeed across a range of subject areas. He is a friendly and supportive young man who is a pleasure to have in the class.


Rex French

For his unwavering dedication and commitment towards achieving his personal best. Rex applies himself conscientiously to each and every task and then asks for more. He serves as a positive role model to his peers and is an absolute delight to teach.


William Hawkins

William is simply a fine young man. He always displays outstanding manners and care towards all members of the Scotch College community. He is a knowledgeable and reflective learner who always does his personal best. William is a pleasure to teach due to his open-mindedness and inquisitive nature. He is well respected amongst his peers and a credit to his family.


Ryan van Breda

Ryan van Breda consistently demonstrates the qualities of a principled learner and an inquirer. He acts with integrity, honesty and respect in the 7H classroom with lovely manners and a caring attitude toward his teacher and classmates. Ryan has worked hard at every task he has been given this year and is a reliable team member in any group project. He is an absolute pleasure to teach and we are fortunate to have him as a member of our Scotch community.


Hudson Grant

Hudson is a hard-working and respectful student who is always willing to help others around him. He can be always be relied upon to do the right thing both inside and outside of the classroom. Hudson is tolerant towards others and has made an outstanding transition to Scotch College Middle School.


Rory King

For his consistently positive approach to his learning. Rory is a Principled and Open Minded learner who works to his personal best at all times.