18 June 2018

There's Something Fishy in Middle School Science

Over summer Mr Chamberlain cleaned, grinded and painted an old aquarium stand. With the help of Mr Grant, this was moved into the Middle School Science Laboratory and three large fish tanks were installed. Over the next few weeks, the final few minutes of a Science lesson were dedicated to demonstrating how a project of this scale, is built. Students gathered around and watched, also getting involved in many of the demonstrations, as a sump was built and tested, pipes were cut and glued and water conditions tested. The volume of the aquarium is over 950 litres and this meant that a large community of fish would thrive in this environment. So after some time of getting the water conditions right, which meant students testing and working on water chemistry (pH, kH, gH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrates), the aquarium was now perfect for the endemic cichlids of Lake Tanganyika. Frontosa, Tropheus, Leleupi, Black Clavvus and Pericola, just some of the species introduced into our aquarium.

This addition to the Middle School Science Laboratory is truly spectacular and a great feature for the room. You are welcome to pop in and take a look if you are passing through the Middle School building. As the boys study Biology this term, looking through a microscope at the plants, water and debris found within this system has been fascinating and interesting for all students in Year 8.

Mr Paul Chamberlain

Year 8 Science