18 June 2018

Action Research in 7.8H

In Summer Term 7.8H participated in the Year 7 Action Research Project. Mathilda Joubert, an Educational Consultant and leader of the SCEA Institute, facilitated the learning experiences of the project. The Action Research Project consisted of five days of learning how to be an effective researcher and an opportunity to apply those skills to an authentic research task.

7.8H was asked to conduct a survey about the level of awareness of the Old Scotch Collegians (OSC) amongst current Year 11 and 12 boys. We designed a survey for the Year 11 and 12 Scotch boys and conducted a focus group interview. The 7.8H boys analysed the 168 responses and developed a presentation for our client, the OSC. Some of the key findings of the survey included:

  • 36% of the students wrote that the purpose of the OSC is to "stay connected" and 18% wrote that it was to create a "better community".
  • 42% of students will definitely stay connected to the Scotch community after school finishes and 41% would like to stay connected a little;
  • Respondents commonly reported that the OSC was a "good way to stay in touch with mates that you otherwise wouldn't meet up with."

The OSC Action Research Project stretched the boys out of their comfort zone and was an immensely rewarding experience for them. They reported that it was fun, challenging and educational. The boys were commended for the high calibre of their research, their presentation skills as well as their meaningful recommendations. These skills will no doubt come in handy in future iLearn inquiries and in all academic fields.

Ms Gabriel Hodgson

7.8H Homeroom Teacher