18 June 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone. How are you all settling into the term? Our French classes have been going very well, with lots of busy activities taking place. Year 4 has been learning about professions over the last 6 weeks in French, and as an extension of that topic we took a special look at a very famous French product - cheese! The boys looked at a French map that showed where the different "fromages" (cheeses) come from, then paired up to research a particular cheese in more detail. They discovered lots of interesting facts, like: Some cheeses have been made in France since Roman times, some cheeses are matured in caves and some cheeses are actually full of mould! Then this week both classes got to taste a collection of 5 cheeses. Each boy had to fill in a grading sheet, describing the look, smell and taste of the cheese. There were lots of cries of "degoutant!" about the Roquefort… Then once they had tested the cheese, the boys sat down to write an "Ode to Le Fromage" about one particular cheese, choosing French words to describe the cheese, like 'parfait', 'terrible' and 'delicieux'. The poems will be up in the rooms soon!

Madame Vinton

French Specialist