18 June 2018

Community and Service

Food Rescue

One of the great service agencies that we work with from time to time is the UnitingCare West - 'Food Rescue'. As the name suggests, the agency 'rescues' food destined to be thrown out as garbage. Much of this food is usable, provided it can be collected and distributed quickly. This is the primary role of 'Food Rescue'. Fresh but unsellable food is collected from supermarkets along with prepared but unsold rolls from lunch bars and cafes. Some Scotch families have been involved in collections using the distinctive Food Rescue carts in central Perth.

The most recent visit to the Food Rescue processing base in Belmont took place during the Round Square conference. Conference delegates sorted fruit and vegetables into usable lots. They also packed some crates of fresh produce to distribute to the homeless clients of Tranby Day Centre in East Perth, also a UnitedCare West facility.

food rescue

Food Rescue is holding a fundraising event on Thursday 19 May at the Old Brewery in Crawley from 5.00pm - 8.00pm. At the event there will be a selection of food stations and wines, including Hippocampus, Boatrocker Beer and Inner Ego (cold pressed juices) included in the ticket price. In addition, there will be auction and silent auction items available for purchase. More information on the event can be found here. Your support for this UnitedCare West agency would be greatly appreciated.

Social Entrepreneurs

Social ent

We hear a lot about innovation and encouraging creative solution to some of our most challenging problems. While the focus is on science and technology, there are exciting developments in the areas of social justice, equality and wellbeing.

Every so often a new agency emerges that provides an innovative and fresh approach to helping others. Some years ago The Big Help Mob was established in Perth to connect young people who wanted to make a difference. Using social media, when a mob of helpers were needed, a text went out and young volunteers came to work.

A new agency is about to launch in Perth. This is the GIVIT charity. The idea behind this is to connect people who have a need with those who have the ability to donate the items or the services required. Working through established agencies dealing with need in our community, GIVIT provides a platform for the donation of specific items or services based on need. Australian charities are able to request exactly what is needed by their clients. These requests are listed on the web site where every day Australians can donate in response. When a need is matched to a donation, the GIVIT portal sends an email exchanging the donor and charity's nominated contact details. Then, the charity and donor agree between themselves on a delivery option. Once the charity receives the item, it is privately passed onto the recipient. The donor and recipient never meet in order to preserve the dignity and privacy of recipients. A really clever idea!

We want boys at Scotch to get excited about helping others. We want them to recognise need and then set about making change happen. There are plenty young social entrepreneurs who are creating innovative ways to deal with social injustice, poverty and the environment. One is The Social Deck, another is the Ideas Hoist and finally The Australian Centre For Social Innovation. These provide on-line access to platforms that inspire and empower.

In a similar vein, the Year 10 service activity MAD World aims to do the same thing - fostering social enterprise through one-on-one mentoring by Akram Azami, former Young Australian of The Year, Youth Representative to CHOGM and Ambassador for The End Of Polio.

Year 10 International Exchanges

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Over the past 18 months over 20 Year 10 boys have gone on exchange to other Round Square schools in 12 different countries. These exchanges are typically for five or six weeks and are reciprocal. Scotch has benefited from the visits by boys coming from the various different overseas schools. The Round Square schools involved in exchange are all top quality, independent - often IB schools - that offer a unique experience for the Year 10 boys who go on exchange. The Round Square web site will provide information on the location of schools within the global network.

There will be an Information Evening for parents of boys currently in Year 9, to be held in the Bunning Resource Centre on Monday 30 May from 6.30pm. There will be an opportunity to ask questions following a short presentation. Boys and parents who have been involved in recent exchanges will also be present to respond to any queries.

Exchange To Gordonstoun School, Scotland

An offer of an exchange to Gordonstoun School in Scotland for 2017 has already been received. Gordonstoun is a prestigious UK school and the first Round Square school. Initially this is being offered to current Year 9 members of the Pipe Band, as the reciprocal exchange student already identified is a member of the Gordonston School Pipe Band. Any interested Year 9 Pipe Band members should contact Mr Cordner for further information.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service