18 June 2018

Year 6 & 7 Design Rotation

MacKellar Hall and the Gallery have been turned iton drag car race tracks this week indicating that the first 12 week rotation of our Design studies for Year 6 & 7 is about to finish. Food Design, Materials Design and Digital Design are the three units of study and whilst each works with different resources the process for planning, resourcing, creating and evaluating the production is the same and is reinforced in each of these units of work. In Materials Design, C02 powered dragsters the students made from balsa have been clocked doing 95-96kph or 0.65 seconds over the 18m course. In Digital Design, silent films have been finalised and showcased whilst individualised gourmet hamburgers have been planned, made and eaten by their creators in Food Design classes. Toward the end of Winter Term Year 7 students get the chance to choose two semester long Design courses for Year 8. At the same time Year 8 students will be choosing their semester long courses for Year 9. Details of these choices will be posted next term.

Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School